The full-stack coding boot camp is taught by professional web developers in downtown Riverside. It's intensive, fast paced, and gives you all the skills you'll need to build, maintain and customize WordPress web products. It emphasizes problem-solving skills, hands-on project building and working within a team—all skills you'll need to thrive as a web developer in the real world.

Skills you'll learn
HTML | CSS | Javascript/jQuery | PHP | MySQL | Git | JSON | APIs | Node.js | React | WordPress: Custom theme, plugin and Gutenberg block development

The boot camp meets for four hours every Saturday. The exact hours, days and location vary from term to term, but usually it's 8 a.m. to noon every Saturday.

Our standard tuition is only $100 per class! That's $2,400 for the entire 24-week program. Here's how it works: You'll take the first two weeks of the program without paying anything. During that time, if you decide the bootcamp isn't for you, you can drop out with no penalty. If you choose to stay, we ask that you pay the entirety of your tuition ($2,400) in advance. Alternatively, you can pay every four classes, but the cost is $150 per class, or $600 in advance for the month. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal. You're also welcome to explore third-party financing, such as personal or educational loans, which many banks offer. We recommend calling your bank and asking to speak with a loan officer about what they offer.

When you finish the program, you'll receive a certificate of completion. The class is pass/fail (you do not receive a final letter grade), and you do not earn units or credits that you can apply toward a degree. The certificate is a nice line on the resumé, but the real benefit is the skills you'll learn and the portfolio you'll build.