The holidays are here, so we at WP Code Camp scoured the web to find the 5 best Christmas gifts for coders under $20.

#1 Coder Joke on a Mug

Coders stay up late and drink a lot of coffee. That’s a fact of life. Might as well give them a gift that will make them chuckle every now and then. Price: $12.29. Buy the coder joke mug.

Web Development Process mug

#2 Rubber Duck With Dark Mode

It’s a trope that sometimes bugs are easier to solve if you explain the problem to a duck. But their typical yellow color is such an eyesore, am I right? Well, this black rubber duck fixes that. Price: $20 Buy the black rubber duck.

Black rubber duck

#3 Floppy disk notebook

Remember these? If you’re pining for the days of disks that looked like disks, but you also need to take down some quick notes, this is the gift for you. Price: $17. Buy the floppy disk notebook.

Notepads that look like stacks of floppy disks

#4 Batch ‘o Stickers

What programmer would be complete without a bunch of programming language stickers all over his or her computer. Price $4. Buy the sicker collection.

Collection of programming stickers

#5 Blue Blocker Glasses

Science has discovered that blue light is pretty much the worst thing in the world. And we developers are blasting it into our skills all day, every day. So, protect those skills with these stylish shades. Price: $10.99 Buy blue light blocking glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses

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