WP Code Camp

The WordPress-Based Coding Boot Camp

Become a full-stack WordPress web developer in 24 weeks.

Get the edge you need to land a high-paying job in web development in this intensive program taught in-person by professional developers.


Average software developer salary in Los Angeles area.
– Glassdoor.com


More than 1/3 of every website on the planet is built on WordPress, and that number is growing.


The demand for web developers is growing almost three times faster than the average for all other professions.
—Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why you should apply

The demand for web developers is exploding, and the supply of web developers isn't keeping up. That means you have a stronger chance of landing a great job with less experience. And web development jobs pay well too; The average software developer salary in the L.A. area is $91,469, according to Glassdoor.com. And since more than a third of every website on the planet is built on WordPress, your chances of finding work with this skill set is much stronger than if you learn another system.

Two ways to learn

WP Code Camp offers two programs: Our in-person boot camp in Riverside, CA and our remote learning program. Choose what's best for your learning style!

In-Person Boot Camp

In-Person Boot Camp

Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Who we are

Behind the scenes, we're a mix of web developers and educators building new hands-on methods to help you rewire your brain and build STEM skills faster. The CEO and CTO also run a web design, development, and maintenance agency called Brain Jar.

Rhiannon Little

Peter Surowski
Curriculum Director

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Program Director

Application process

Anybody can apply for WP Code Camp, but sadly, not everyone will be accepted. This is for two reasons. First, we anticipate receiving more applications than we have seats available. Second, we want to admit only those who will flourish in the program. To do that, you'll need a few pertinent skills.

Financial aid is available

If you need help paying for your education, our partner organization, Meritize, can help! Click the button, fill out an application, and a member of Meritize's team will reach out shortly. It's free to apply, so go for it!